We are always very grateful for any and all donations received from individuals, companies and foundations.  Some, of course, are anonymous.  We would like to recognize these benefactors by the following criteria.

  • Any single donation of $1,000 or more qualifies the donor to the permanent Hall of Fame.
  • Any single donation of $100 or more in a calendar year qualifies the donor for the All Star Team for that calendar year.
  • Dollar amounts will be kept confidential.

(single donation of $1,000 or more)

Greg and Marilyn Rimling
The Gaskill Group of Keller Williams
Mike and Ginny Grimm
Mary Beth and Sean Fitzgerald
Art and Lynne Fleming
Octavio and Marie Cabrera
Bobby and Darlene West
Highland Village Women’s Club
Lina T. Ramey and Associates
Gloria Kennedy
CoServ Charitable Foundation
Parkland Hospital Auxiliary
Sieh Family Foundation
Bank of America for June Young charitable fund
Texas Instruments Foundation
Tom and Bonnie Chizmadia
Northhaven United Methodist Church Human Development Fund
In memory of Becky Bell
Ritz Family Foundation
IBM Employees
Bob and Darlene West on behalf of Armetco
Lehigh Hanson, Inc.
Mitsubishi of Lewisville
Kay Stephenson
Margaret Algarin Henderson

(single donation of $100 or more)

In chronological order, most recent on top.  Also note that, as of the first of each year the All Stars list will be reset.  The 9/20 donations were made as part of the North Texas Giving Day.

June Young Charitable Gift Fund (10/18)
Catherine Block (9/20)
Fred and Frances Chanslor (9/20)
Janell Straach (9/20)
Dennis and Marleen Bozimowski (9/20)
Jan Kelly (9/20)
Elaine Branagh (9/20)
Jennifer Laurida (9/20)
Cheryl Taylor (9/20)
Susan Post (9/20)
Dee Farney (9/20)
Linda Strem (9/20)
Sue Enslin (9/20)
Susan McKinney (9/20)
MaryAnn Saxton (9/20)
Harry and Phyllis Lantvit (9/20)
Cynthia Stewart (9/20)
Kay Lowry (9/20)
Mary Robinson (9/20)
Robert Curry (9/20)
Lori Mains (9/20)
Susan Schabel (9/20)
Heather Wu (9/20)
Virginia Marshall (9/20)
Teresa Watkins (9/20)
Karen Knoll (9/20)
Norman Crochetiere (9/20)
Daniel Jacobs (9/20)
Karen Gattis (9/20)
Wanda Singer (9/20)
Carol Terry (9/20)
PayPal Giving Fund (8/23)
David and Lisa Test (7/9)
Karen Gattis (4/20)
American Legion Auxiliary-Carrollton (4/13)
Dennis Bozimowski (4/1)
Marilyn Rimling for Becky’s mom (3/23)
Farmers Branch Women’s Club (3/8)
Texas Instruments Foundation (2/27)
Gerald R. Quigley (2/26)
Charlotte Klaas (1/5/2018)
Colin Prewitt (1/5/2018)
Cynthia Day (1/4/2018)
Greater Lewisville Community Theatre (1/5/2018)
Harry and Phyllis Lantvit (1/2/2018)

Supporting Individuals and Families in need of Nutrition and Clothing