Front row: Karen Surles, Karen Gattis, Suzi Pegoraro, Catherine Block, and Karen Knoll. Back row: Traci Long, Mary Ann Saxton, Gloria Kennedy, Nancy Bloomfield, and Art Fleming

At present the board consists of 10 members as follows:

Traci Long – President

Art Fleming – Treasurer

Karen Surles – Secretary

Mary Ann Saxton – Program Manager, Clothing Assistance Program

Gloria Kennedy – Program Manager, Love Thy Baby

Catherine Block – Program Manager, Kitchen and Monday chef

Nancy Bloomfield – Program Manager, Love Thy Pet

Karen Knoll – Board Member and former Program Manager of the Kitchen from 2010 to 2016 and Monday chef

Karen Gattis – Board Member and Tuesday chef

Suzi Pegoraro – Board Member and Thursday chef


Board members emeritus

Lynn Hagey, former Director

Kay Stephenson, former Program Manager for both Love Thy Baby and Love Thy Pet

Supporting Individuals and Families in need of Nutrition and Clothing