Kitchen Program

The Kitchen program is a joint program with The Salvation Army – Lewisville Center (TSA).  Virtually all chefs and cooks are Love Thy Neighbor volunteers.

The program manager for the Kitchen Program is Catherine Block.

The chefs (head cooks) for the Kitchen Program are:

  • Monday, Catherine Block
  • Tuesday, Karen Gattis
  • Wednesday, Lexie Hundt
  • Thursday, Suzi Pegoraro and Angela Luhman
  • Friday, Janis Grace

Each weekday (except for Holidays when TSA is closed) the chef and kitchen help arrive between 830 and 930am, check the day’s menu and prepare the meals.  Usually meals are prepared for at least 100 people.

Meals consist of:

  • an entrée, typically a casserole or other protein food
  • vegetables
  • bread or rolls
  • fruit salad
  • green salad
  • dessert
  • drink

Our Kitchen Program doors opened in November 2010, partnering with the Salvation Army in Lewisville, TX.  Hot and nutritious meals are served 5 days a week to individuals and families wanting to eat.

Since our “opening day” November 1, 2010, we have provided over 100,000 meals and distributed over 10,000 to-go bags.  We serve numerous families and individuals and have averaged well over 100 meals daily.  With no pre-qualifications to those coming in, nutritious noon meals are served five (5) days a week to persons in our community who struggle to meet their basic needs.  To-go lunches are also given to persons who are homeless or unable to prepare an evening meal.  People are then able to utilize their limited resources (if available) for other essentials such as rent, utilities, and food.

Every person coming to our center lunch program is greeted with a welcoming smile and treated with the respect one would address family. Lunch is prepared fresh daily and exceptional attention is given to nutrition with on-going dietician consultations.  The Rich Lubke Community Garden, which was originally started with The Salvation Army Community Kitchen in mind, is now able to provide organically grown fresh produce for healthy salads and nourishing fresh vegetables.  Several of our community churches and individuals bring us offerings from their gardens as well.  One of the most rewarding results in affording wholesome food to our guests is that we have seen improved health in many individuals that have been with us since the beginning of our program.

We receive few grants and rely exclusively on the support of the community by providing monetary and food donations to sustain The Salvation Army Community Kitchen. We also have fund-raising activities during the year to support this program and to provide assistance to other charitable organizations.  In bringing the community together by helping others in need we are able to offer encouragement, hope, faith and love.  We provide nourishment, not only for the body, but mind and spirit as well.



Supporting Individuals and Families in need of Food and Clothing