Of our 4 programs, the following applies during the COVID-19 crisis:

  • Kitchen:  effective Tuesday, 3/17/2020, only to-go meals will be served from the kitchen, no dine-in.  Kitchen volunteers who choose to continue will prepare meals and then fill to-go containers for the clients, minimal client contact.
  • CAP:  as of 3/18/2020, no client clothing appointments will be held until further notice.  No appointments are being scheduled for April at this time.  Homeless clothing distribution will continue on an as needed basis.  Winter to summer changeover is on hold.  Will re-evaluate on April 6th.  Please note that NO CLOTHING DONATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME.
  • Love Thy Baby:  Webb Chapel Church of Christ has suspended all activities and, since we are based out of their church, all LTB activities are suspended until further notice.
  • Love Thy Pet:  Since LTP also works out of Webb Chapel Church of Christ, all LTP activities are suspended.

Our Mission

Who We Are

Love Thy Neighbor is a North Texas based 501(c)(3) with a focus on community needs for the homeless, hungry, poorly clothed,  and families with minimal assets especially for newborns.  We have also recently added a program directed at assisting animal shelters in need thru pet beds and other means.

Love Thy Neighbor is 100% volunteer based.  Virtually all donations go to support our 4 programs, there are no paid staff.  We have been fortunate enough to receive a few grants (see our benefactor page) to assist us in delivering our programs.  Over 95% of donations go directly to programs, the remainder is for office supplies, insurance, and fund raising.

We have also recently branched out to assist two other charities in need.  We are providing services to Kyle’s Place and to In My Shoes through monetary donations, purchase of equipment, meals, clothing, and training.

Our Programs (briefly):

Kitchen:  Our Kitchen Program doors opened in November 2010, partnering with the Salvation Army in Lewisville, TX.  Hot and nutritious meals are served 5 days a week to individuals and families wanting to eat.  Love Thy Neighbor provides assistance in preparing the meals, cleanup and in purchasing food to augment those food items obtained by The Salvation Army.  For the last year, we served over 26,000 hot meals and over 4,000 to-go meals.  We also supply Kyle’s Place (Journey to Dream) with dinners each Monday, consisting of 8-14 meals per week.   See the Kitchen Program for more information.

Clothing Assistance Program:  LTN manages the Clothing Assistance Program (CAP) that opened in April, 2013.  Gently worn, donated, and purchased clothing items are distributed at  ‘no-charge’ to qualified clients 3 days a week.  Up to 4 changes of clothes are provided to each family member.  We have been fortunate to partner with The CoServ Charitable Foundation, through a grant, which allows us to purchase new shoes, socks and undergarment for these families.  In the past year, we have served over 1500 needy families with donated and purchased clothing.  We also supply clothing to the local homeless on an as needed basis.  See the Clothing Assistance Program for more information.

Love Thy Baby:  Love Thy Baby (LTB) focuses on meeting the needs of infants who are born into health or economic crises. Volunteers make and collect warm blankets and clothing for newborn babies who are born premature, sick or into poverty.  The items are then distributed to North Texas hospitals and agencies. LTB became a part of LTN January, 2015.  In the past year, we have served over 18,000 needy infants/newborns with over 50,000 handmade, donated, or purchased items.  See the Love Thy Baby Program for more information.  We are very thankful to the Parkland Hospital Auxiliary for their annual grants to Love Thy Baby.

Love Thy Pet:  Love Thy Pet (LTP) was an organic growth from Love Thy Baby in 2015.  The volunteers take unused and scrap fabric from the LTB program and make pet beds for animal shelters, humane societies, pet foster homes and our homeless with pets.  In the past year, we have distributed over 900 pet beds to shelters and rescue organizations.  See the Love Thy Pet Program for more information.

Other Programs:  As part of our support of the community, we have expanded our reach to include:  weekly supply of dinners to Kyle’s Place, a home for homeless teens;  providing summer camp and church mission scholarships for needy teens;  and supporting the summer needs of Webb Chapel Church of Christ where we have been allowed to use their facilities for Love Thy Baby programs.

Download our LTN Brochure for more information.

MT25:40 – ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Proverbs 14:31
He who oppresses the poor taunts his Maker, But he who is gracious to the needy honors Him.

Supporting Individuals and Families in need of Food and Clothing