Pantry and Food Distribution Program

Love Thy Neighbor supports 2 food programs via food distributions.  They are a 1) 3 times a week pantry at Heart of the City Lewisville at the Mill Street location and, 2) currently, a two Saturdays (first and third) a month program at HOTC-West/New Beginnings Church (Garden Ridge and Main).

LTN supports these pantries through the purchase of foods and items that are not obtainable through the North Texas Food Bank and through providing volunteers.  As an example, families need ground beef but the NTFB does not have any available.  LTN will then purchase 100-200 1 lb. packages of ground beef from Costco, Sam’s or Old Town Market and donate them to the pantries to fulfill the families’ needs.

The number of families in need continues to rise.  The HOTC Mill St. facility currently serves, on average, 200+ families per week and the HOTC-West/NBC facility currently serves about 35 families each day that they are open.

Plans are to expand the number of days and hours that each facility is open and be able to provide a wider variety of food for each family.  Those expansion needs will generate needs for more volunteers and for more funds to purchase necessary items.

Supporting Individuals and Families in need of Food and Clothing