The LTN Board

Love Thy Neighbor has multiple programs overseen by a single Board of Directors. Board members manage the overall budget, including fundraising and purchasing; recruit and support volunteers for our programs; and build relationships with partner organizations that support us with funding, in-kind donations and/or volunteers.

Executive Director and Program Manager, Love Thy Baby – Gloria Kennedy

Bio:  Gloria joined the board as Program Manager for LTB on January 1, 2016. She assumed role of Executive Director January 1, 2022.

Treasurer – Arturo Gonzalez

Bio: Arturo was elected to the board as Treasurer in April, 2023.

Barbara Shields – Secretary

Bio: Barbara is a retired paralegal and was elected to the board as Secretary in August, 2023.

Michael Toscan – Program Manager, Food Program

Bio: Mike was elected to the board on February 7, 2023.

Former Board members

Lynn Hagey, former Director and founding member, 2010-2015

Traci Long, former Director, 2015-2021

Kay Stephenson, former Program Manager for both Love Thy Baby and Love Thy Pet

Nancy Bloomfield, former Program Manager, Love Thy Pet

Karen Knoll, founding board member and kitchen program manager

Suzi Pegoraro, founding board member and former Thursday chef

Karen Gattis, board member

Catherine Block, board member and kitchen program manager

Stephanie Laubacher, board member and Secretary

Dennis Bozimowski, board member and assistant director

MaryAnn Saxton, founding member, Secretary, kitchen chef and clothing assistance program manager

Greg Rimling, board member

Becky Warren, board member and Secretary

Lynne Fleming, board member and Secretary

Art Fleming, board member and Treasurer

Supporting Individuals and families in need of Food and Clothing